TEXT ALL QUESTIONS TO (518) 712-1111





Policy 1: Refunds
Because the number of campers determines staffing in each session, these fees are not refundable.  THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS NO-REFUND POLICY
Policy 2: Physical Activity Release Form.
Parents will sign waivers upon the initial drop-off.

Policy 3: Reporting Absence

Please text us at 5187121111 with your child’s name if they will be absent.

Policy 4: Morning Drop Off

– Drop-off begins at 8:3 a.m – Doors will be locked until 8:30 a.m.
– Parents can NOT drop off the camper before we are open

Policy 5: Afternoon Pickup

– Campers must be picked up by 5:30 pm

Policy 6: Late Pick-Up

– There will be a 5-minute grace period before Late Pick-Up starts.
– Late pick-up starts at 5:35 pm
There will be a late fee of $1 per minute charge. Please respect the coaches’ time

Policy 7: Arrivals and Departures

– Parent/Guardian must escort the camper into the building daily and sign them in.
– Please park in the parking lot and not at the curb to enter the building
– Campers can ONLY be picked up by designated contacts for your child’s safety

Policy 8: Concerns and Compliments

– We love open lines of communication
– Please call or text us at 518712111
– We’d love to hear from you

Policy 9: Children’s Prescriptions & Medication

– Permission to Administer Medication Form must be completed
– Prescription Medication must be prescribed to the child and must have the child’s name on it
– Over the Counter Medication must be provided by the parent and must be in the original container.
– No medication of any kind will be provided to campers and coaches
– Topical medication (creams and salves) must be applied by the child
– All medication will be stored in a locked container
– Only the Director or Assistant Director will administer medication
– ALL medication administered will be documented

Policy 10: Adverse Medical Reaction

– Parents will be contacted immediately
– In extreme cases, we will call 911

Policy 11: Illness / Sickness

– Please keep the camper home if they are not feeling well
– If a camper is feeling ill or feeling sick, we will contact the parents

Policy 12: Medical Awareness

– For the BEST experience for your child, please list ANY and ALL special needs or requests


– Allergies (Food)
– Eczema
– Speaking Challenges
– Seizures
– Light Sensitivity
– Asthma
– Sound Sensitivity
– Heart Conditions
– Autism
– Prone to Migraines/Headaches
– Hear Loss
– Other



Policy 13: Emergency Medical Care

– We will call 911
– We will notify parents and stay in communication

Policy 14: Camper Hygiene

– Hand Sanitizer will be available
– Socks MUST be worn daily. Some activities may require socks to be removed
– Please keep children clean and odor free for health and daily cleanliness

Policy 15: Snacks

– There will be Two (2) Snack Times during the day
– An AM and PM Snack Break
– Parents can provide snacks, OR the campers have the option to purchase snacks
– We will have a limited variety of snacks and drinks available for purchase at $
– Please provide the exact change for all purchases.
– For your convenience, prepaid snack cards are available for purchase.
– All purchased snacks will be pre-packaged

Due to possible allergic reactions, foods and snacks containing whole or processed nuts are prohibited in camp.

Policy 16: Lunch

– We will not provide or prepare food.
– No heating up of foods will take place
– Lunches will be stored in the camper’s lunch box.
– Refrigeration will not be available.

Due to possible allergic reactions, foods containing whole or processed nuts are prohibited in camp. No peanut butter sandwiches, please!

Policy 17: Refillable Water Bottle

– Please bring a refillable water bottle
– Write the camper’s name on the  bottle

Policy 18: Dress Code

What to Wear

– T-Shirts
– Tank Tops
– Athletic Shoes
– Socks with shoes
– Athletic Shorts
– Athletic Joggers
– Legging
– Sweatpants
– Baseball hats

What NOT to Wear

– Jeans
– Skirts without undershorts
– Slides / Sandals
– Crocs / Flip flops
– Dress Up Heels
– Princess Dresses
– Superhero Costumes

Policy 19: Personal Items

– Campers are responsible for their belongings
– Each camper will have a cubby to store items
– All items must fit in the cubby

Policy 20: Gaming Devices

– Campers are responsible for their own gaming devices
– Devices are to be stored in the camper’s cubby
– Devices can ONLY be used during designated times
– Campers will not be allowed to be connected to the internet

Policy 21: Cell Phones

– Campers are responsible for their cell phones
– Cell phones will be stored in the camper’s cubby, not in their possession
– Cell phones are to remain powered down or silenced until the designated approved time for usage
– Campers may not watch any video or video streaming at camp
– Campers are not allowed to record or photograph while at camp for privacy
– No social media usage.

Our recommendation is not to send cell phones to camp

Policy 22: ZERO TOLERANCE ITEMS – Although extremely rare, we will enforce

– Physical Bullying
– Verbal Bullying
– Fighting
– Physical Assualt
– Bad Language
– Inappropriate sexual language and actions
– Self-Inflicting Harm

Policy 23: No Smoking or Controlled Substances on Premises

– We are a smoke/alcohol/drug-free facility
– We ask all adults to refrain from partaking in any of the listed activities before coming to camp

Policy 24: Parent Communication

– Parents can call or text us at 5187121111 – Even afterhours!